Understand more about postsecondary education

  • Preparing for College: Tips for Students with HFA / Asperger’s Syndrome: This website was developed by the TEACCH Center at Chapel Hill, based on their work with students with autism spectrum disorders and asperger’s syndrome. It provides a broad overview of how to select a college, information about academic support and accommodations, selecting courses, social life, daily living, organization, and preparing in advance.
  • Preparing to be Nerdy Where Nerdy Can Be Cool: College Planning for Students on the Autism Spectrum: Written by Lars Perner, Ph.D., from University of South Carolina, Marshall, this provides some links and resources available for individuals with autism or asperger’s syndrome who are planning on attending college. Dr. Perner writes about his own experience, as well as the application process for postsecondary institution enrollment, how to manage the course work while at college, receiving services while at college, and the issues that may arise from living away from home.
  • Preparing to Experience College Living: A brochure distributed by the Autism Society of America and written by Mark Claypool which includes tips for students with autism spectrum disorders or asperger’s syndrome interested in attending college, as well as skills that students will need to be successful.
  • Understanding Asperger Syndrome: A Professor’s Guide: The Organization for Autism Research provides a video clip of what it is like to be a college student with asperger’s syndrome. This is a useful resource to provide college professors or faculty that will be working with the student.
  • Disability Resources for Autism: This website provides resources that assist with answering questions and addressing concerns. Specifically, a section on postsecondary education is included.